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July 30, 2006


Kirsten A

Thanks for the recommendation on the customer service book, Library Girl! I put it on hold at my library. Keep it coming!


Dear all above commenters,Please rememadber that aluohtgh this post is nomadinadally about a book by Andre Jordan, it is really all about me. Yes. Me. Please don’t foradget that. Thanka0you.Mike — Your response is charadacadteradistic of Mr Jordan. He is, as those you know him peradsonadally are very well aware, a man of few words. *cough*Camadille — Good point. It’s true that Andre’s book is only availadable to those who have been good all year.a0Ahem.Goraddon — Exceladlent plan. Peradsonadally, when I go and buy my copy from my local purveryor of fine litaderadary titles, I am going to announce what book I’m buyading to the whole shop. At full volume. All Unreadliadable Witadness readaders should do thea0same.Bohe9miadenne — Coradrect answer. All abouta0me.Miles Away — Sadly, due to a dreadadful overadsight by the pubadlishaders, the dedadicadaadtion in the book is also not to me. Shockading. So, yes, curry and poradridge labels inside its covaders are essential.Miss July — Accordading to Mr Jordan’s , his book will be availadable to ardent US fans from 1 March 2008. Reserve your copy early to avoid disappointment.(Andre — Please note that I am now operadatading as an unofadfiadcial informadaadtion seradvice, telling people when your book is comading out. I’d betadter be getadting paid fora0this …) | 11.02.07, 08:54


Oh, is it today? They release books on Thursdays, do they? How biarrze; I assumed that because CDs are released on Mondays, everything was released on Mondays? I really do know very little about the conadtemadporadary litaderadarya0scene.Am now quite tempadted to bunk off work and nip down Waterstones. | 11.01.07, 14:38

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