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August 13, 2006


miriam's ideas

I read one of his books, Ali and Nino. It was charming.


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Love Michelle! She's like the stesir I never knew I wanted. Her Christmas blog is a joy to be on and I'm liking her horror blog as well. I'm just in awe of the energy she has to do all of it.


I just did a test of the pieces of tiwrly paper glued to the pages, with less than successful results, so confidence is low. I'm starting to wonder if the book would be better without them. But they're so cute!


Glad you posted this! It's ftisrratung not being to get back in touch when folks leave sweet comments! Hope you enjoyed your visit with your parents! Sorry I didn't get to meet up with you! I'd love to meet up next time you make it in town (hopefully I won't be in the middle of midterms again!)

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