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August 06, 2006



Swallows of Kabul sounds like what I need right now - something a little bit jolting.
I had a look at the Amazon entry for The Public Intellectual - a weighty, scholarly tome, if the price is anything to go by. ;)
So you found it unfocussed and incoherent in places? What did you get from the reading despite this?

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I was thinking about writing a post on this exact subject.

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Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

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in every fry menu, we expected to be crispy, how if the fry is not crispy?


The Thirteenth Angel Gala is a wdonerful helpful event that gives back to the surrounding communities in need in Toronto. Everyone who participates becomes an activist to help other people. Very rewarding.


B: Yeah, agree with you on that point. They actually cuba beguunrgsh-sungguh to puasa, kan? And the game really make them forget for a while the hunger and the thirst. Tengok si Khaleeq tu, kalau game kena charge je, terus mintak "Can I have a sip of 100 plus. Just once" je memanjang.. :)However, tak kan nak beli DS Lite tiap-tiap tahun, weh. Mau kontang kita. hihihihihi Tahun depan kena bagi seringgit (or whatever) sehari lah.. :)Raz: Wah. creative tu bro. Tak pernah lak aku dengar bagi incentive utk turun berat sekali waktu Ramadhan ni. :)


, "ummi bagi 100 kisses". ahhahaa. (come to think of it, did I just managed to get them to NOT get full marks? :P) -- and didn't this make you just miss the days when you CAN score full marks in an exam? (cue: refer back to 15 postings below this very one *did she actually took the trouble to count this? -- and did she manage to get others to do the same? ahhahaa*). Have a good Ramadhan la you. :)

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