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January 01, 2007



I did indeed complete the 50 books, but it took a sustained effort brought home by a last minute blitz…kind of like squeezing a 600 pound gorilla under the wire. The Library Girl did not let up on me for even a day, up to and including the last one. This says a great deal about her and, since it was undoubtedly necessary, I suppose about me as well.

Over the 12 months, I discovered first time authors like Goldberg and Martel and became reacquainted with old ones like Steinbeck. And Dylan…I knew him well.

Thanks to Bee Season and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night, I was able to get inside the illogically logical heads of those who others find inscrutable and their afflictions insurmountable.

I visited The Glass Castle and The Tender Bar. I listened in on Literary Feuds. I learned that The World is Flat (something I suspected all along) and how minimum wage earners get Nickled and Dimed. I have come to realize I don’t Know It All and I’m okay with that. But I do at least know the Rule of Four.

I got the inside scoop on the Chamber of Secrets, the Wicked Witch and an endless variety of Angels and Demons. I’ve spent Dictionary Days and passed through the Life and Times of Franklin, Churchill and so many enterprising others. Teacher Man is hot (yeah, yeah), while Stiff left me cold…shivering in fact.

“There is a great deal of difference”, wrote Winston Churchill, “between the tired man who wants a book to read and the alert man who wants to read a book.” Okay, Library Girl. I am paying attention.



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