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January 28, 2007



Wow. I sometimes wonder what I'm doing when I have 3 books going at once... I think there may be a Multi-taskers Anonymous group you could join. (Seriously, I don't think it's a problem thought.) I have wanted to read many classics, but have been terrified to start very many. Which is strange because I loved all of the books we read in high school lit. Anna K. has been on my TBR list ever since Oprah put it in her book club. I had heard of it, but hadn't had a desire to pursue it. As I've learned more about the book, my desire (to read) has increased, but I am intimidated by the number of pages. Perhaps once I have finished the 3 Diana Gabaldon books on my night stand I won't be as intimidated by reading another doorstop.


To whom it may concern,Hi, I was a mbmeer of the BDC when it started at Cal Poly. I just spoke with my old landlord in SLO, and there is an old gas pump still at my old house that belongs to the club. I was storing it there while I was in school for the club in the beginning .I was hoping someone in the club may be able to go pick it up? It'll take two guys to lift and a truck. Please let me know as my old land lord would like it removed. You can email or call .email being the best during the day.Thank you, Willi Ortner831.207.8543

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